​​​​ADJUDICATED AWARDS: Each dance routine will be recognized on stage during awards for their performance. Dancer's do not compete against each other, they are evaluated according to total range of points scored and receive a placement according to their total score from our 3 dance competition judges.
Each entry in the Novice-Intermediate- Competitive- Adult/Pro divisions, will be judged from a 100 point system from 3 judges, totaling 300 points. Technique is 40 points, Performance is 35 points, Musicality/Timing is 10 points, Choreography is 10 points and Overall Appearance is 5 points. Each entry will receive a ranking of Infinity Diamond, Diamond, Gold, and Silver, based on their score. The Adjudication breakdown is as follows:

After each routine receives their adjudicated awards, the high score awards will be given at every regional competition! At each competition we will recognize the top scoring awards in each age category in the Novice, Intermediate, Competitive, and Adult/Pro. Infinity Dance Challenge will award a top 3 for all Solo, Duet\Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line, and Production routines in each age group.  3rd place and 2nd place winners will receive an official Infinity event pass with lanyard. 1st place winners will receive a trophy.