Photography and Video recording from any media devices of any kind is strictly prohibited during classes. This is to enforce the children's safety and privacy, as well as protecting the work of choreographers and faculty. Infinity Dance Challenge offers professional photo and video services at each of our events and on our website after the event.
The host hotel, facilities and Infinity Dance Challenge are not responsible for any lost personal items or injuries.
If a participant of Infinity Dance Challenge is in need of first aid, please see a Infinity staff member at the Infinity Store located in the lobby.
Please make sure all personal items are against the perimeter of the ballroom, under the chairs, at all times to avoid injury.
All dancers under the age of 16 who are registered with Infinity Dance Challenge must be accompanied by an adult of a legal age.
All dancers registered for the workshop must complete and sign a participation waiver before attending competition and or workshops/classes/convention/intensives.

Petite and Mini classes.

12 And Under

13 And Over

All Ages Welcomed