Dance Styles And Age Division


A classic ballet technique routine using ballet slippers.


A classic ballet technique routine using pointe shoes.


A synchronized rhythm routine using tap shoes.


A routine containing over 50% or more jazz technique.


A routine interpreting the music through dance and emotion.


A routine incorporating different styles and technique


A routine interpreting the movement, posture, and imagery


A routine containing singing. No lip syncing!

Hip Hop

A routine containing street dance style


A routine containing both tumbling and dance


 A routine which uses clogging technique.

Musical Theatre

A routine interpreting a song from a musical/Broadway


To encompass any form of dance not already listed or which is a combo of two or more performance categories.

Age Divisions

For entries with more than 1 dancer please average the age of your group

 Mini/Petite: 8 years and under

Junior: 9-11 years

Teen: 12-14 years

Senior: 15-18 years

 Adult: 19+

All routines in all age divisions are determined by the average age of the performers as of January 1st, 2021

The average age determines the age range into which you may enter. For dances with two or more dancers, add the ages of all the contestants, and then divide by the number of contestants. If any age division is challenged, proof of age must be provided to Infinity Dance Challenge via birth certificate.